Howard MeehanWe have completed over 35 mixed media public art projects throughout the United States. These public art projects can be found in many major cities. They reflect our interest in creating public art spaces that the community can relate to, identify with, and communicate the spirit of a place.

Public Art projects of an architectural scale require an artist who can create strong conceptual images and a visionary plan for any public space. We can discuss broad issues and ideas with planners, architects, contractors, and administrators who are part of this development process. We are multi-media artists comfortable designing public art projects in any medium: recycle materials, concrete, ceramic, stone, metal, wood, glass, and earthworks. We’ve created public art works with fire, water, fog and kinetic effects, and are currently working with projects including LED programmed lighting that creates audio and visual effects. Knowledge about materials, processes, and fabrication processes allows us create a vocabulary of geometric forms and innovative use of nature, light, wind, water and sun to public places. We create art that invigorates social, cultural, historical and environmental issues. Public art can also be iconographic, engage the viewer and bring vitality to a community.



Forensic Science Sculpture, ABQ. NM. 25’ high steel sculpture with 9’ dia, glass fingerprint. The slow moving shadow cast a shadow over the elusive quality of evidence.2003, New Mexico Arts Commission


University of Gainesville, Florida. Health Professions, Nursing and Pharmacy Complex. 28’ stainless steel kinetic sculpture with 3’ dia. glass dichroic/Laminated glass. It reflects the joint health-related scientific and humanistic purposes of the facility. 2003, Florida Arts Commission.

Newton’s Corner

Chemistry * Biological-Science Building, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Clorado. 40’ high stainless steel kinetic sculpture inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity. Colorado Council on the Arts. 2002

Voices of the Sea

City of Huntington Beach, CA. Entry sculpture and 3 plazas inspired by T. S. Eliot’s poetry about the sea. 2002.

The Zone

P.E. Bldg., Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT. 28’ high sculpture, corten steel and dichroic/laminated glass. Utah Arts Council. 2001.

Sullivant Plaza

Ohio Dept. of Transportation & Public Safety, Columbus, OH. 10,000 square foot gathering place inspired by history of area includes: historical quotations, timeline, sculpture, artifacts, seating, lighting, landscaping, arbor fountain.1999. Ohio Arts Council.

Fire & Ice

Grants, NM. Steel, fire, and glass sculpture, 28’ high, with 30’ diameter plaza incorporating timeline of history and stories of community. 1998.New Mexico Arts.

Individual Powers

Oregon Lottery Bldg., Salem, OR, Precast concrete and glass mosaic seating sculpture with text inspired by idea of personal empowerment. 1998. Oregon Arts Commission.


University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. Steel, laminated glass, dichroic glass, and fire. 1997. Oregon Arts Commission.


Skaggs Biology Bldg. Salt Lake City, UT. mosaic floor;1997; Utah Arts Council 2000.


Historic gas station and auto parts garage in Glendale AZ. Recreated the space focusing on the history of the site and the City of Glendale History. Reconstituted the wheel rims, gas pumps and automotive parts existing at the site, reconfigured the landscape plan for public access and display.  Awarded Arizona Public Arts Award for pedestrian enhancement of Historical Restoration/ Preservation category. Glendale Arts Commission. 2008

Mountain Top

Scott Matheson Courthouse, Salt Lake City, UT. Curves sand carved laminated glass skylights. Collaboration with Tim O’Neill. 1996. Utah Arts council.

Palm Desert Community Walk

Civic center Rose Garden, City of Palm Desert, CA. 90’ diameter gathering place: rose garden paths of mosaic, colored concrete, tile, rose poetry, seating; 30’ diameter steel and colored concrete shade sculpture. 1996. Palm Desert Art in Public Places.

A place of light, liberty and learning

Purdue University, Columbus, Indiana. Mounded turf 8’ high and concrete walls. Gathering space and seating area. Stainless steel sculpture with reflective dichroic glass. Commission by the University. Completion: fall of 2009

All for want of a horseshoe nail

Frisco Southwest Community Center, Concrete horseshoe turn around with 30’ tall stainless steel horseshoe nail. City of Frisco, Texas Completion: fall of 2008

Gallup Courthouse Plaza

Coordination with the urban and landscape group Design Workshop of Santa Fe. Developed design concepts for the war memorial and the sun daggers in the main plaza. City of Gallup NM, Completion: spring of 2006


Hofstra University, New York Art Center College of Design, BS; Honors, Pasadena CA. 1968
IDSA Design Excellence Award 1972 Pilchuck glass school, Oregon School Arts/Crafts 1979
Published; American Craft, 1993
Published: Art Center College of Design 1990
Published: Corning Museum” New Glass Review 8”
Fellowship: Oregon Art Commission 1980
Industrial Design permanent collection, Smithsonian, Washington 1970
Industrial Design product in permanent collection, Museum of Modern Art, NYC
7 Design and Engineering patents awarded
“Artist in Review “ American for the Arts Selection Sculpture Magazine 2004
“Art in America” 2008 Selection Magazine
“Artist in Review “ American for the Arts Selection Sculpture Magazine 2009